Real Life

by Biryuk

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First full rap song


when I get up in it
Imma make it different
when I spit it
Imma make you listen
to the written
make a bitch be wishing
she was part of the mission
But I forgot
there's a cop
tied up
wishing he was fucking shot
when I get up on the block
you'll be asking me to stop
But Im rapping for days
you'll never see me flop
ha ha ha
pass me the mic
and you will understand
what the real worlds like
real life

I'm sick of your wack jokes
you half broke bitches
I'm more into rap tho
than afro bitches
if they don't come back
what hope is that
what's dope is wack
I get more crap
than a dolphins cap
no more holding back
when I get up on stage
like Oprah handing out
some infuriating rage
never see me in a bit of trouble
cause I lock myself inside
all day like it was a metal bubble
speak so mother fucking fast
there ain't ever time for rebuttals
so don't think about your reply
when we know why
I don't really want a guy
from a soap bar
hope I get out of heated
never defeated
keep on reading
never ever leaving
when I'm finished in Finnish
spilling spinach
in my linux
hit my limits
when I get up in it
at my own clinic
I just a need a minute
just to show them that I got an
enemy spotted
my wallet
I gotta get it
instead of
the rest of
my best men
oh there goes
my last best friend


released May 8, 2017




BIRYÜK Australia

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