Soul Gangsta


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another song with no story! i promise the next one will be good, love these learning experience and i flipping love rapping on my tracks ahaha. anyway i hope you enjoy :)


never gonna get it back
when I'm rhyming on the track
I can hear your chat
behind my back
that's a wrap
in fact
I got a back pack
full of stacks
and gats
pulling up fast
than a rat
in the trap
when I set up
Imma get up
and never let up
I'm fed up
betty botter
bought a bit of
back lash
"fast rap?
man I hate that'
can you feel me on the track
"I can feel it I can feel it I can feel it"
well you know I'm gonna kill it
like a fisher on a fillet
better spill it
or your spirit I will kill it
when I'm in it
in a minute
when I've been
on the scene
reading memes
sipping lean
got me living the dream
I just got told
I could sell my soul
within a week
I could peak
and complete all my goals
but that's to easy
basically thievery
I don't wanna win
than celebrate it briefly

Soul Gangsta x4

Yeah I could be finished
but I'm not in my spot
when I get up on top
Imma give it all I got
I can feel the wrath
when I put it on blast
like a bastard
who's rapping
away a3ll the famine
the boom and the bapping
What happened
to max in the gap
he was last in the past
he was bragging about
all the money and the women
wishing he was swimming in em
Imma get him Imma get him Imma get him

well i should've would've could've
in a wooden little town
where buddah got it down
shot it out
word to God
What about?
What you mean, what about?
brother from another mother
in anther cloud
going up and down
moving all around
when i get up on the mic
I can feel the need to write
when I write
I can shed a bit of light
In your eyes
nearly blind
when I rhyme
on time
if you Like?
got music for the

Soul Gangsta


released May 21, 2017




BIRYÜK Australia

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